Momentum: What I’ve Learned From (Nearly) Falling Down

February 4, 2011

Ever since I fell off my bike at the beginning of this winter, I’ve been a huge chicken when it comes to riding.  I ride my bike to work every day (thanks to studded snow tires:Nokian Extreme 294 26 x 2.1, in case you’re interested), so being a chicken has really slowed me down. I […]

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Wasting Beauty

January 24, 2011

A couple of years ago, some Buddhist monks came to the Anchorage and created a beautiful sand mandala.  Unfortunately, I was not able to see it in person, but I read in wonder about the painstaking process of creating the mandala.  A few monks sit for hours (sometimes days – even weeks!) creating this ornate […]

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2011: “Get Shit Done!”

January 18, 2011

I’ve always been a dreamer. I’m really good at it. You give me a topic, and I’ll give you a corresponding dream. I can take a simple thought and quickly turn it into a multi-million dollar idea. It’s true. Here’s one catch, though: I’ve never actually done anything with these wonderful ideas. What good is […]

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The New Digs

January 5, 2011

Welcome!  (…he said to no one in particular…”Hello?  Is someone there?”) What does a guy do when he has a bazillion ideas, thoughts, and useless bits of trivia floating around his head but doesn’t want to strain his friends and family any more than he already has by talking about it all ad nauseum?  He […]

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